about usAbout us: Many tourists come to Abu Dhabi every year. Not just to visit the many beautiful, historical locations. The annual Formula 1 race and the many sporting events such as camel racing and many other national traditions and events continue to attract new tourists.


Casino Abu Dhabi

Many visitors to Abu Dhabi keep looking for an Casino Abu Dhabi. The tourists ask in the hotels in Abu Dhabi whether there is a hotel casino anywhere in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, the search remains unsuccessful, because due to Islamic law there are no land-based casinos here.

Casino in Abu Dhabi

Hotels in Abu Dhabi

The very exclusive and modern hotels in Abu Dhabi offer excellent service. Here you can not only relax, but also receive a very exemplary and friendly all-round service.  A few years ago it was discussed to offer a hotel-casinos in the big hotels for tourists. That would not only be a good additional income for the city, but also a big and popular attraction for the tourists in Abu Dhabi. But nothing came of this idea either. If you want to play in Abu Dhabi, only the licensed online offers in Casino in Abu Dhabi remain. Here every visitor gets a high casino bonus for their registration. With this bonus you can test some of the casino games for free.

UAE Gambling

Whether something will ever change in the outdated UAE gambling laws is questionable. Gambling is prohibited by Islamic law. Although there are more and more young residents in the United Arab Emirates who would like to visit a casino, but this wish remains unfulfilled, at least in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi map

In the Abu Dhabi map you will find all the important places, the most interesting sights and important national scenes. You can also show the exact route and distance of your destination on this map.

Hotels in Abu Dhabi

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